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Issues #19—22 

Issue #19:

That mysterious Mill Valley scent of foggy redwood, madrone and chaparral. Our history of hikers, hippies and city escapers—to creeks, to waterfalls and canyons, so wild, yet accessible. The Sleeping Lady’s spirit high above, the convergence of harmonious, creative and inspiring energies. That feeling—that omnipresent vibe has prevailed, whispering to us, “Do something! Do something meaningful, something good.” J.Macon King, as quoted in the Marin Independent Journal.



Lindsey Stirling wows Reno Performance electric violinist.

Can Tinker Bell fly? And dance and play violin at the same time? Yes! 9-2021 Stirling photo: J.Macon King

From an earlier issue: Poetry of San Francisco Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin click here.

Tongo Interview by Jeff Kaliss here.






Biscuit and Domino collaborate on new tail-all.

Previous “Hometown Issue” #21:


J.Macon King atop hometown Carrollton, Illinois Square’s cannon. July 4, 1956. Photo: John Wallace King.

Previous hometown issue #21 highlights:
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Bay Area Beats, Hippies, Music and War: Scotty DeWolf in blast-from-the-past conversation (below current interview).

Fun Center, 723 Market Street, San Francisco, circa 1962. Featured in Scotty DeWolf’s story: “An Angel Without Wings.”

An Angel Without Wings: Scotty DeWolf’s San Francisco story based on true events.

Sam Shepard, former Mill Valley, CA resident. 1980, Magic Theatre, S.F. Photo: web source.

Cruising Paradise with Sam Shepard: essay by Michael Corrigan.

Poetry Review: Featuring Hometown Poems by J.Macon King and Jeff Kaliss

Round the Square: poem dedicated to Carrollton, Illinois High School Reunion by J.Macon King.

MillValleyLit Sr. Editor Perry Lucretia King (McKleroy), 1964 Beatnik and San Francisco hometown girl. See About. Photo: Alex McKleroy.


Previous issue #20:

For National Poetry Month (April): We were pleased to feature San Francisco’s new Poet Laureate, Tongo Eisen-Martin in an interview by Jeff Kaliss, with a three-course sampling of Tongo’s charged poetry.

Jeb Harrison looks at Hemingway, the recent three-part, six-hour documentary film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Hemingway examines the visionary work and the turbulent life of Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest and most influential writers America has ever produced…

…and he was a feline-fancier..

Hemingway in Mill Valley? Several Hemingways lived in Mill Valley, CA. At link scroll past current pieces.

Sneak preview of MillValleyLit editor Jeb Harrison‘s For Want of Grace: Collected Stories.

arrhythmia, latest haiku book by Bruce H. Feingold, reviewed by Poetry Editor, Jeff Kaliss, in On My Nightstand.

Read the interview with MillValleyLit publisher J.Macon King on his debut novel Circus of the Sun from the recent Pacific Sun and Bohemian newspapers pictured below.

Green String Farm organic “forty years ahead of its time.” Report by Drew Stofflet.

“The Mill Valley Literary Review drags the literary journal kicking and screaming into the 21st century.” San Francisco Magazine


Previous Issue #19 features:

Ezra Pound, as Teddy Bear, in Paris shop window. Photo: Susanna Solomon.

Susanna Solomon’s short fiction, Twilight-Zone-esque “The Teddy Bear”—final Parisian story in our debut of three. Explore Susanna Solomon’s fantastical musings through Parisian imagination and delight. Three short stories by one of Marin County’s own and our former correspondent. Additional stories include the time-bending “The Clock”, and the ghostly “Shakespeare & Company.”

Beat Scrapbook—Gerald Nicosia’s latest book of Post-Beat poetry, reviewed by Jeff Kaliss.

Drew Stofflet’s “Dark and Sooty.” A creative Wine, Wine, and Song review.  “…the musical landscape of early 1970s-era Davis was a different sort of stalker music, like a lion or tiger was in the room, or just outside of it, in the alley, peering through the window with burning eyes.”

Miles a Head.






James Doyle’s classic poetics DRAGONSBANE and KOSMOLOGI. Poetry Review by Jeff Kaliss.