Eric Dennison Nature Photography


Eric Dennison has been posting his nature photography for the past year on Nextdoor Washoe Valley (south of Reno), attracting an appreciative following. Below is a sampling of his hundreds of beautiful photos. His life has been as amazing as his photography.

Words from the photographer Eric Dennison: I keep saying Thank You! The overwhelming support and kindness I’m receiving from our community are just that, overwhelming. My health is in distress mode, seems like I’m falling apart at the seams. That said, I’m a tough ol’ bird and I will get back on track. I’m resilient and of a positive mind. I’ve always been a high-energy active fellow.

I’ve traveled the world (you have to spend New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh Scotland), I worked as a fishing guide with float-planes in Alaska, worked as a white-water rafting guide through the Grand Canyon, the Snake River in Wyoming, also a hunting guide for Moose and Elk on horseback pack trips in the Grand Tetons, commercial fishing throughout the Irish Sea, Scotland & Ireland, then to North Africa from Morocco for tuna, lived in Costa Rica working on a fishing boat with an all Costa Rican crew, who didn’t speak a word of English and me No Espanol.

Whilst here in Nevada I had the best job I’ve ever had, I worked as a chef for the wild-land firefighters in a remote camp. It was an honor, dare say a privilege to be able to give back to our extraordinary men & women who put their very lives on the line. I’m home here in Washoe Valley, caring for my brother who is a stroke victim, (He’s so fun, awesome to have this quality time with him).

I enjoy photography, now in my “Golden Years” and your amazing accolades have truly inspired me to pursue this new adventure. As a woman, once said: Thank you is not big enough. And that’s about me. Here is a sample of my work (I print some on metal), and if you need one in your living room *wink*, contact MillValleyLit.

Have your fine selves a most splendid day, and as always remember, take an elderly or handicapped neighbor out for a stroll and breathe in our beautiful mountain air.

Cheers, Eric Dennison

Eric at home. “This is a
drone shot with my drone of the ballpark
that the Kruse family created for
the residents here in Washoe Valley, NV. An
extraordinary family by any standards.
This is a canvas print I donated to the
family as a thank you for their endless
contribution to our community., but I also
have this on metal. Just a wonderful
photo of our amazing valley.”








Eric in garden.