“The best satire about Mill Valley since McFadden’s The Serial. Many have tried and many have failed, but Meisler hits Marin County’s quirky nails smack in the head with his […]

Down to Peru

 “We planned to cover 1,100 miles from Lima to Ecuador in one week and attempt some of the longest waves anywhere.” “Fortune goes to the prepared. Disaster hunts the others.” […]

Recent Issues

Issues #19—22  Issue #19: That mysterious Mill Valley scent of foggy redwood, madrone and chaparral. Our history of hikers, hippies and city escapers—to creeks, to waterfalls and canyons, so wild, […]

MillValleyLit Interview List

Can you name these writers whom we have interviewed?       .     Previous MillValleyLit interviews include: T.C. Boyle, Peter Coyote, DeLorean Auto CFO Walter Strycker, Anne R. […]

Poetry 21

            Profile of Bryan Franco, Poet                              by Jeff Kaliss            Across the […]

Book Reviews by Nick King

The Reviewer’s Review Mirror by NICK KING      The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is written by Stieg Larsson and is the first book in the Millenium series. TGWDT […]

Sands Hall

Winter 2022 Edition WINTERTIME… and the living is creative. The following Winter Issue Intro and creative update from ever-kinetic Sands Hall, MillValleyLit contributor. Sands creative achievements include author, playwright, director, […]

Love on a Rooftop—Barn Owls in SF

In February, 2022, longtime San Francisco resident Kathleen Volkmann discovered that she was being watched through the bedroom window in her Presidio Heights home. By barn owls. She began documenting […]

I Was a Teenage Runaway

I Was a Teenage Runaway: Haight-Ashbury 1968 memoir by Carol Green with J.Macon King The true story of a Wild Thing. Catholic Valley Girl runs away to San Francisco’s hippie […]

Chasing Byron

Chasing Byron exclusive excerpt from Jeb Harrison’s new novel Crazed snake charmers, crooked judges, chicken thieves, golf heroes, mythical Gods, dead voices: Chasing Byron, set in 1945 as WWII is […]

The Orange Peeler Meets Johnny Wadd

The Orange Peeler Meets Johnny Wadd fiction by J.S. Ryan             The best unpublished short story I ever read was called “The Death of Johnny Wadd.”  It was written by […]


Salonica by Marcel Alalof translated from the French by Helena Dunica I remember my grandfather, lying fully clothed in the semi- darkness of his bedroom, eyes staring at the ceiling, […]

The Pole

The Pole memoir by Kevin Lavely, Reno, Nevada So yeah, it’s only a piece of wood. But, this 72-foot-tall piece of wood has been stuck in my backyard since about […]

Washington Irving’s Alhambra, CA Connection

Washington Irving and the Alhambra, CA Connection by Gary Frueholz, Dilbeck Real Estate Alhambra, California’s real estate has a connection to one of America’s best-known early writers, Washington Irving.  You can […]

Spokes, Saddles and Cranks

In the Fall of 1981, two 23-year old girlfriends, recent graduates of UC Berkeley, embarked upon a six-week bicycle tour of England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland. Their curiously strong adventures […]