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Oisín Breen’s Irish poeticsPoetry Review by Jeff Kaliss.
Susanna Solomon’s Paris story“Shakespeare & Company”—second in the debut of three.
“Follow the Devil to the Deep Blue Sea” by novelist Christie Nelson—debut excerpt from her memoir “The Biggest Gamble of My Short Life.”
Author Christie Nelson on right, Montego BayJamaica.

RIP: ruth weiss (1928 – 2020), pioneering female beat poet — Exclusive photos from Beat expert, poet, writer Gerald Nicosia.

ruth weiss
Dublin-born poet, Oisín Breen, in Edinburgh.

Monterey Jazz Festival. Jeff Kaliss (behind) Dizzy Gillespie with Jimmy Lyons, founder of the Festival. 1989.
Our featured writer — JEFF KALISS in Interview, Poetry, and Metafiction…

“Willie Nelson was like a cowboy Zen master.” Jeff Kaliss.                                                                                          Jeff Kaliss (pronounced Kay-liss) is a longtime music and entertainment journalist and author, with hundreds of articles in publications in the Bay Area, the country, the world, and online. Jeff’s poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and scripts have been published. He has made numerous performances both as a reader, and in collaboration with jazz artists. For the San Francisco Chronicle and the Marin Independent Journal Jeff reviewed diverse genres from comedy to jazz and rock and theater to opera. His work led to encounters with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, Willie Nelson, Huey Lewis and Sly Stone. Interview here in Salon. Jeff’s metafiction herepoetry is here.

Flagrant self-promotion! MillValleyLit Publisher John Macon King’s theatrical productions entertained full-house audiences before he gained the reputation as a poet and dramatic live reader. His short stories, columns and articles have been published in various media, as as well as numerous articles about him.* This grass-roots MillValleyLit has given a platform to dozens of aspiring writers. King now debuts his well-praised literary novel, Circus of the Sun.

Movies about Poets and Poetry in On My Nightstand.

Coming soon… to small screens everywhere —

More of the aforementioned Susanna Solomon’s Parisian short stories from her upcoming, Night Train to Paris. The poetry of James Doyle. Drew Stofflet’s Wine & Wisdom in “Dark and Sooty.”

Photo credits: Shakespeare & Co, web source. Breen, courtesy of Christie Nelson, from her collector.

Dizzy — Courtesy of Monterey Jazz Festival Photographers Pool.

* See King’s Super Bowl\Golden Gate Bridge exploit’s in SFGATE.

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