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"The Triple Tiara"- Sports Report by Les Manley

"Thirteen Things I'm Gonna' Ask God"- self-help by J. Macon King

"When Art Becomes Poison" Bolinas controversy by Jeb

“All the Light We Cannot See” review by Carolyn Adams

"What We Are" poetry by Lucretia

yip yip Coyote Mill Valley writer Peter Coyote's 2nd memoir. See 2013 interview in Stacks

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There...for the Grace of rock go I

Lyle Tuttle - Interview with an Illustrated Man

Years before the current acceptance and trend of tatooing, Tuttle's inking passion brought the once-shunned art of carny folk, sailors and prisoners, to a broader counterculture appeal, and Tuttle into tattoo-superstardom. This vintage interview by Editor Perry King reveals why seemingly everyone now possesses or desires a tattoo.

The Mill Valley Literary Review SUMMER 2015

The ever-changing inspiration of MillValleyLit's conference table for June, 2015

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Photo JMK

Peter Coyote reads his Rainman memoir Apr. 14 at Diesel Books, Larkspur Landing.

MillValleyLit Webzine Summer 2015

The Mill Valley Literary Review is a triannual webzine providing encouragement, wit and resources from San Francisco Bay Area's Literary Renaissance.

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The Hippie Tree, Marin County, Jan. 19, 2015

MILL VALLEY - Home to The Mill Valley Film Festival, Mt. Tam, Muir Woods, redwood trees, Dipsea foot Race, waterfalls, an entire hilly neighborhood with streets named after POETS, rock stars, artists, and WRITERS, WRITERS, WRITERS.

Mill Valley's literary pedigree is impressive, more so for a town of barely 14,000: Jack Kerouac, Gary Snyder, Peter Coyote, David Harris, Gerald Nicosia, Martin Cruz Smith, Tom Barbash, Louis B. Jones, Jack Finney, Don Carpenter, Gina Berriault, Kay Boyle, Wright Morris, Michael Murphy, Joyce Maynard (J.D. Salinger's companion), Cyra McFadden, poets Jane Hirschfield, Maxine Chernoff, Yoko Ono and lyricists including John Lennon and Tupac Shakur. The late Tom Clancy often wrote in Mill Valley. Playwright Sam Shepard lived at what was Flying Y Ranch (replete with horses) in the late seventies.

Authors who call(ed) Marin County home include, whom we coined, "The Big 3 A's": Isabel Allende, Amy Tan & Anne Lamott. Plus T.C. Boyle, Jack London, Kerouac's daughter Jan (also a writer), Ram Dass, Stirling Silliphant, Shel Silverstein, Sterling Hayden, Susan Trott, Catherine Coulter, Leonard Gardner, Van Morrison (aural poet), Philip K. Dick, Barnaby Conrad, Joe Eszterhas, Richard Brautigan, Ambrose Bierce, Poet Aram Saroyan (son of William Saroyan), Dave Eggers, Daniele Steel, Allen Drury, George Lucas. Each issue we seem find out about another author for our list. Our latest addition: Julia Child lived in Ross while attending Branson School.

The connections: Ernest Hemingway's son -Jack, and grand-daughters Mariel and Margaux lived in Mill Valley's* Boyle Park area in the 60s. Papa's nephew still lives in Tiburon (editor, writer). John Steinbeck's connection: Ed Ricketts - marine biologist\writer\muse\character - "Doc" in Cannery Row, subject of "The Log from the Sea of Cortez" -Rickett's son lives quietly in Mill Valley. Senior Ricketts was also an inspiration to Joseph Campbell. Rickets Jr. was recently interviewed in SFGate: A rare student of S.F. born Robert Frost's Dartmouth College lectures lives in Tiburon.

*Hemingway Mill Valley home article


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