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Gerald Nicosia & The Depot presented Beat poets who knew Jack KEROUAC and poets from the Beat Era, with a cameo reading by MillValleyLit Publisher J. King. See below*.

MillValleyLit and Live Poet Society dazzles Depot Bookstore

Ari Maslow, Live Poet Society Emcee\Poet

Depot Poets: MillValleyLit celebrated our Fifth Anniversary July 14, 2017 at the venerable Mill Valley Depot Bookstore & Café, in conjunction with “Live Poet Society” 10th Anniversary. This was a revival of Depot poetry events under the new owners*, with G.M. Ari Maslow - our Poetry Editor. Charter Live Poet members post-Beat poet Gerald Nicosia, deconstructionist poet J. Macon King, and Live Poet founder Ari Maslow. The unprecedented lineup of readers included jazz poet Don Alberts, haiku poet Bruce H. Feingold, artist Edward Marston, and many others (list below.) The event also celebrated the “Summer of Love” with a collection of original 60s–70s rock posters on display, including poster artists at the opening. (See Woodstock in Woodacre.)

Danusha "Tempting the Monks."

Don Alberts**

* Depot new owners are Paul Lazzareschi of Vasco's and Gary Rulli of Emporio Rulli's.


Authors Christie Nelson and Susanna Solomon, with biographer/poet Gerald Nicosia before Mill Valley Depot Live Poet reading 5th Anniversary of MillValleyLit July 2017. Note authentic rock posters.

^ Ella Eytan

Mill Valley Depot Bookstore and Cafe: 87 Throckmorton Avenue Mill Valley, CA Cafe: 7am-7pm 7 days a week

About The Depot: The original train depot opened in 1889 as the Eastland, Mill Valley station and served the North Pacific Coast Railroad. At the time there was no turntable so the trains ran backward and forward between the Depot and Almonte Station. Eventually  "Eastland" was dropped and the station became known as the Mill Valley Depot. Over the years the original station house burned down and was subsequently rebuilt more than once. Eventually, as trains fell out of favor, the Depot became a bus station for the Greyhound Bus Co. In the 1970’s the Depot was reinvented as Ganey’s Bookstore and Cafe, which it remained until Mary Hall and Bill Turnbull took over the lease in 1987 and re-christened the location The Depot Bookstore and Cafe. This spot has been a long-time favorite haunt of writers, poets and artists, from the Beats - Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Kenneth Rexroth, William Burroughs, Peter Orlovsky, Michael McClure, Philip Whalen, and Gregory Corso to the post-Beat writers like Don Carpenter, Louis B. Jones and Gerald Nicosia. Compiled from Depot web site, Mill Valley Historical Society and other sources.

Publisher J. Macon King reads Deconstructed Poetry.

*The "Last Beat Reading" held on The Ides of March, 2018 boasted poets Neeli Cherkovski, Clark Coolidge, Joanna McClure from Kerouac’s novel Big Sur, award-winning poet Sharon Doubiago ( called “the female Kerouac"), Janet Cannon, Jessica Loos, Nicole Henares, Robert Anbian, and (now the late) John Oliver Simon. Gerald Nicosia—Kerouac biographer, Beat authority, poet, author of Memory Babe was producer and MC. Event was held at the old Mill Valley Depot, which Kerouac actually mentions in The Dharma Bums.

Music performed with poetry by guitarist Dana Alberts, one of the founders of the 70’s Punk scene in San Francisco, and bop saxophonist Phil Deal, who played behind Allen Ginsberg, Jack Micheline, etc. With local Beat-influenced poets J. Macon King, publisher of Mill Valley Literary Review, and Marvin Hiemstra.


Back by popular demand at the Mill Valley Depot


Jazz Poetry returned to the 7 Mile House in South Bay

**See Don Albert's new novel, Beyond the Grand Matoeba, in On My Nightstand.

KWMR in Pt. Reyes, CA on the air: Sally Phillips interviewed Frances McDormand about her latest film "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri." Sally's broadcast is “Turning Pages: Magic Lantern.” The black comedy was screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival 2017 co-starring Woody Harrelson and scribed, co-produced and directed by Martin McDonagh (In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths.)


"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." Ben Franklin

State Room Brewery Bar Kitchen - 1132 4th Street San Rafael, CA

Unusual features make the State Room Brewery a special place: operational steampunk bar, craft beer, separate pool table & game room, John Muir Son of the Wilderness audio book playing in the restroom, and Ben Franklin quotes. What more could we want? The owners of the long-time sports watering hole on B St., The Flatiron, have created another comfortable spot for locals and newcomers alike.



Shut Up and Write!

Write! in San Francisco next to Ocean Beach on some Wednesdays 5:00 PM Kawika's Ocean Beach Deli 734 La Playa St at Balboa, San Francisco, CA This isn't a critique group. No one's going to to read your stuff. It's just an opportunity to sit and write with a group of people who are chasing the muse, just as you are! check their web for schedule:



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Author photos, this issue, from the authors.

uncredited photos by J. Macon King.


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