The Shannara Chronicles - MTV's lavish epic fantasy drama is filled with Vampire-Diary-cute actors and is an adaptation of the Shannara series novels by Terry Brooks, primarily The Elfstones of Shannara (1982). You could consider it Game of Thrones light plotted through Lord of the Rings with a dash of "By the Waters of Babylon" (by Stephen Vincent Benét, not Pat Frank). Our opinion: Surprisingly raunch-free for MTV, making enjoyable escapist fare, especially when watching with a YA as an excuse. Episode 8 is the coolest. The second season in the works.


Check out TOR.COM for Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.



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to Local Resources and Writer Tips

Flash Fiction- Try out your skills on very short work, and see what the Flash Fiction buzz is about.

Book Passage - all anyone needs in a bookstore, workshops, guest author readings galore and more. We love the extensive used section.

Mill Valley Depot Bookstore & Cafe - a Marin literary tradition and favorite place to meet.

Mill Valley Library "Naked Truth" storytelling

Why There Are Words Literary Reading Series - Studio 333 Sausalito every 2nd Th each month $10. (not poetry)

Mill Valley Library Book Club - as described.

California Writers Club - Marin Branch - check it out.

O'Hanlon Center for the Arts - a secret place? Mill Valley charmer for events, classes, art, openings, etc.

Mill Valley Library Local Author Series

West Marin Review Pt. Reyes Yearly Literary and Visual Arts Journal.

Marin Poetry Center - ah, poetry.

Left Coast Writers supports new and established writers in the production and promotion of their work in a stimulating atmosphere of creativity and community. The group meets monthly at Book Passage Corte Madera. Readings at B.P. Corte Madera & San Francisco Ferry Bldg. See or sign up through Book Passage.


California Writers Club "writers helping writers" has almost 20 chapters. The SF North Bay branch is Redwood Writers Club est 1975. each Feb. & Sept.

Each July.

LITQUAKE-SF's Literary Festival

San Francisco's Literary Festival was created by and for authors in 1999, and this year's festival runs from October 7-15.

-never been but sounds good to us.

Lib at Large - Paul Liberatore always interesting column.

Marin Independent Journal Literary Calendar appears each Sunday.

The Daily Beat – Daniel Yaryan


Healdsburg Literary Guild is

Interesting website for book lovers:

Writer Tips:

Nail Your Novel - as described.

Writers Guild of America, West - Good tips and register to protect your writing. Not just for screenplays and members. Register here. Then hope your work is actually good enough for someone to rip off : )

What they call “The best online guide to independent & university book publishers” :


The Book Club of California in San Francisco is over 100 years old. Book Club of California is for people who take pleasure in fine printing related to the history and literature of California and the Western states. We further the interests of book collectors and scholars, and promote an understanding and appreciation of fine books.

A kindred French literary site:

Also has texts in English here and there. Take a look and perhaps post some of your work there.

WRITER'S DIGESTThe go-to source for almost 100 years for tips and contests.


Poets & Writers Magazine

Algonkian Conferences and Writer's Info from Lit Agent Michael Neff.


The Homestead Beat is an online newsletter for a neighborhood in Mill Valley (where Kerouac once stayed). Beat is produced to educate, inform and inspire, a service to all who choose to live in harmony with our neighbors and nature.

MILL VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL each October. Since founding the Mill Valley Film Festival in 1977, Mark Fishkin has shepherded this once small, three-day showcase into an eleven-day, internationally acclaimed cinema event presenting a wide variety of new films from around the world in an engaged, community setting.




























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Shannara Chronicles -Terry Brooks' 80's fantasy novels finally get visual.


Marin's Queen of Magical Realism - Isabel

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Book Passage's owners Bill and Elaine Petrochelli. We enjoyed their special kick-off our celebration of their 40th anniversary on April 30th. Renowned authors Isabel Allende (The House of the Spirits, The Japanese Lover, Ripper) and Anthony Marra (A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, The Tsar of Love and Techno) held a conversation in the event room, followed by remarks from Book Passage founders Elaine & Bill. Champagne. A reception followed where fans spoke to the authors. At the reception we chatted with the lovely Isabel Allende, who agreed to a future interview with MillValleyLit. Our friend, Jennie Marchant of Fairfax (Marchant Realty) joined us with Elaine and Bill Petrochelli. Elaine told us an amusing Robin Williams Book Passage anecdote and Bill spoke of writing.

Gerstle Park Literary Salon in the news:

Also at Book Passage was the CWCMarin event: "The Writer's Life Conference" at Book Passage 4\2016. Presenters included MillValleyLit Award Winner Susanna Solomon, CWCMarin President Joan Steidinger (in wheelchair), and Joshua Mohr. J. Macon King, attendee, in hat.



MillValleyLit Publisher J. Macon King recites Beat style poetry to Don Albert's jazz quintet at 7 Mile House in Brisbane, CA. (photo James Beach)

Poet, author Jeff Kaliss MCs and performs poetry at special jazz event at 7 Mile House, with Don Alberts on keys, in b.g.

Gerstle Park Literary Salon members support J. Macon King at 7 Mile House l-r, Susanna Solomon, J. Macon King, band leader Don Alberts, Pat Morin hiding, MillValleyLit Editor Perry King. Seated member James Beach and to his lft. Larry Morin. Gerstle Park Literary Salon was founded by author Christie Nelson (not pictured) and J. Macon King. See Don albert's poetry in Literary Latte.

Playwright Pat Morin and Exit Theatre manager.

Gerstle Park Literary Salon member, Pat Morin debuted her play Dec. 2015 at the Exit Theatre: “A Clean Well-Lighted Park Bench,” one of eight short plays chosen for the San Francisco Playwright’s short play festival, Scherezade’s Last Tales. In a “A Clean Well-Lighted Park Bench,” Saul is sitting on a park bench in Central Park talking to the moon when a young teenager with a gun attempts to mug him. The Exit Theater 156 Eddy St.

Salon readings at

- Folio Books -
3957 24th Street, San Francisco
June 13th, 2016.


Gerstle Park Press is part of Gerstle Park Literary Salon. See their new web site.


Betsy Graziani Fasbinder (former member Gerstle Park Literary Salon) story was selected by Woman’s Day Magazine for their May, Mother’s Day edition. Betsy is author of Fire & Water. Betsy with son, Max. (photo Jim Grubb)

J. Macon King shares a coffee with author Susanna Solomon at Tomales Bakery 4/2016.


I forget. Are we still supposed to hate Jar Jar?


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Isabel photo courtesy of Kalpana Mohan

Salon group photos by Nick King, Folio, etc. Tomales cafe shot by Perry King.

uncredited photos:

J. Macon King





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"Literary landmark Point Reyes Books for sale: A husband and wife team that sparked a literary renaissance in West Marin, attracting Pulitzer Prize winners and poet laureates, best-selling authors and National Book Award winners to tiny Point Reyes Station, have decided to move on to the next chapter in their lives.

After 14 years as the owners of Point Reyes Books, Steve Costa and Kate Levinson announced last week that they are putting their business up for sale and are stepping down as the hosts of an ongoing literary salon that has focused national attention on their little village of less than 900 people." Paul Liberatore, Marin I.J. 5-22-16







Squaw Valley Community of Writers _____________

The Squaw Valley Community of Writers Conference is led by former Mill Valley residents Brett Hall Jones and Louis B. Jones. Brett is the daughter of the co-founder and novelist Oakley Hall. The annual July event is a summer highlight for many writers. Marin County authors are typically well represented.

An alumni listing of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley reads like a Who’s Who of American literature. The list includes Richard Ford, Michael Chabon, Mark Childress, Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, and Jennifer Egan. - See more at:

An alumni listing of the Community is a Who’s Who of American literature: Jennifer Egan, Richard Ford, Michael Chabon, Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, and more.